Instagram Marketing and Fake Followers

How to beat the competing by buying Instagram Followers

Instagram Marketing and Fake Followers

The Brazil is the second country in the world with more users on the social network — behind only the United States — and, on average, people spend 21 minutes every day in the application. “Like Instagram does not require any investment, only a cell phone and creativity, it ends up being a good way to promote a business on the internet,” says Amanda Kelso, Director of global Community of Instagram.

Many entrepreneurs wonder how can use the Instagram to publicize their brand and make money. See below four tips given by Amanda for entrepreneurs interested in social networking.

Clothing stores, jewelry, cars and sporting goods are some examples of products able to render good pictures without much effort. Before you begin, you need to think about the image. If you are having trouble producing, it is interesting to take pictures of the scenes of the business. An example, according to Amanda, is the account of the entrepreneur, designer of shoes cheap instagram followers, in addition to publish images from their collections, also takes pictures of how the shoes are made.

Another option is to call the product that will be shown on the themes that are already successful on the internet, like puppies. “Even if your business is small and has nothing to do with animals, recommend produce some photos with dogs. They have great results on Instagram, “he says.

Meet the competition

Just as you need to monitor the price of competitors, it is also indicated that the entrepreneur the follow in social networks. It is important to be authentic and work spreading images you love, without losing their originality. “I always encourage entrepreneurs to use the profile of your business on Instagram like a personal account with hashtags and markings. It helps to be more original, be weary of accounts that buy fake followers “he says.

Frequency of posts

According to Amanda, there is no exact frequency of postings that can be followed. Some businesses can work with a daily photo, and others with multiple images on the same day.

“There are some cases, such as the clothing stores, who post multiple photos in one day, because you need to show a large number of new parts. For them to work, but it’s not a rule. The most important thing is to worry about maintaining the active profile, so that it doesn’t look abandoned, “he says.

Answer the comments

Amanda calls attention to the importance of the entrepreneur to respond to the comments you receive in your photos. “It is clear that it is not necessary to be answering everything, but we must ensure that people know that commenting on a photo, you can receive a response. This interaction is very important in the social network, “he says.

As an example, the Director cites the account of the young illusionist, who makes videos with editing tricks and publishes a new video, 45 minutes is active answering all the comments that appear.

The Instagram does not support the links placed in the captions of the photos, which makes converting users into customers since it prevents users to log out of the network to browse other pages. Unfortunately, that’s not likely to change anytime soon. Asked about the possibility of the social network to add support for hyperlinks, Amanda States that many users have requested this change and that it is on the list of improvements to be made, but it’s not a priority. Today, this functionality is only available for those who pay for ads on the network.

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